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So glad that you are here. I look forward to walking a moment with you. I am the teacher who going to guide you to open your heart and bring you back to your inner happiness. Fascinated by the power of consciousness, I love to share yoga as a source of well-being.


We put in motion together the process of your own transformation after identifying your needs. The One-on-One Sessions, as well as the Custom Yoga Nidra Sessions, the Yoga Sadhana and the Weekend or Customized Retreat will be designed especially for you. In any of my offerings, I combine different techniques with the aim of enhancing the body-mind-spirit connection, so that you can hear your own wisdom. I naturally guide you to discover how to create the extraordinary life you are meant to live, full of joy and acceptance, acknowledging your achievements and having clarity to build a new vision for your life.


Since I was a little girl, I was always fascinated by the invisible world. Guided by my Argentinian native Grandmother, I grew up with ancestral knowledge and with the clear understanding that the journey is internal and that the universe lies within. Since then I have dedicated my life to the path of consciousness and transformation.
I studied Art Direction and Visual Communication in Buenos Aires, the city where I was born. That led me to work in some of the world’s prestigious advertising agencies with some of the most creative minds of the field.


As a young woman my life and love journey brought me to live and work in Germany. I was a very successful art director, thinking, I fulfilled the dream of my life. I continued performing for many years under growing stress and even longer and longer days. I did not listen to the void in me.
And, on a one particular summer night, a process started. I could not ignore my inner voice anymore, telling me “In what are you spending your life energy? Is this what you want? How is it that you are contributing? Are you living your whole potencial?”. Strong questions – I had to reconsider my whole life.

And I did.

It took me some time, yes. But that’s how I found my way back to conscious living and learned one of the most important lessons in life: we are the sculpture and the sculptors.
We are in charge of holding our own life. Are you ready to take the step to your transformation?


200hrs Teacher Training with Yogalife in Goa, India
Advanced Teacher Training “The Spirit” on Antastha Yoga (100hrs) in India
Advanced Teacher Training “The Body” on Anatomy and Physiology (100hrs) in 
Geneva, Switzerland
10 day immersion on The School of the Work with Byron Katie inquiring “The Mind” in 
Bad Nauheim, Germany.
Training for “Yoga for the Voice” with Inés Lolago in Spain.
Advanced Teacher Training “Yoga Nidra” (60hrs) in India
Advanced Teacher Training “Pranayama” (40hrs) in Ibiza


I am in love with my life. And with my boys!
I live in a Finca lost in the woods of the North of Ibiza with my family, our dogs and cats – and geckos, a hedgehog and lots of many more earth-citizens.

I am inspired the most when I walk in the garden at sunset, letting my eyes enjoy the festival of colors that this magic island offers. On rainy days, I enjoy the fireplace and a sweet chai.

I am a lion-woman. I laugh loud and a lot, I like “blinky-blinky”-stuff and specially, journals and books. Books, I cannot get enough of them! (since I can remember, was always like this)

I draw a lot. Pencils are my favourite. I also like to write. Design is one of my passions.

I believe in following my Heart, no matter how crazy its proposals are.

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