• Developing Your Personal Practice


Evolving in your practice is caring for your day by day sacred space for you. It is improving your Yoga Practice to the extend that “the only discipline that counts is the one done with pleasure.”

A home practice is one of the most rewarding ways to step forward to your yoga evolution. Your sadhana is your daily spiritual practice, your place for self-study (Swadhyaya), your very truly personalized approach to practice: exploring which poses are best for you and when, experiencing breath practices and diving into meditation.

Practicing at home can be very challenging. In a class, you trust and follow your teacher – to find out and know what is best for you can be your greatest growing adventure! For me, it was a turning point in my life: I attended my first Yoga Teacher Training to deepen my own practice… and see what happened!

Through these sessions, you will have ongoing support and guidance in developing your sadhana. Together, we will create a program that is tailored for your lifestyle, your body, personal needs and adapted to your own rhythm.


We will work at your own pace, handle your personal goals and needs for the practice.

The sessions are Hatha Yoga-based. We will explore the wonders of Pranayama (yogic breath), go deeper in the postures, practice hands-on, understand how yoga philosophies apply to the practice and explore Antastha Yoga, a unique style developed by my teacher Sanjeev Bhanot.

Online: 75 minutes. We meet via Zoom.
In-person: 75 minutes. We meet in the Shala, in Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza.

Both appointments upon request.

1 session
(21% VAT to be added)

3 sessions
(21% VAT to be added)

7 sessions
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Theses sessions are considered as a program to create a lasting relationship with yoga, guiding you to establish your own personal, home yoga practice.

The approach is different as a regular yoga session: besides the tailored practice, we will cultivate a foundational yoga knowledge. By creating meaningful rituals, you will be supported in your commitment to the practice. Your confidence will increase and as your intuition develops and your skills improve, your practice will expand – and so your inner peace. You’ll know what to do and be more present when you do practice. Once you get to the mat, the magic will happen.

Live or Zoom
75 minutes / Commitment required: once a week
WhatsApp or email availability for consultations

10 Sessions
(21% VAT to be added)

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